Get Expert Hair Advice! My interview with A-list Hair Stylist Anthony Barrow

Anthony BarrowI had the privilege and the honor of interviewing Anthony Barrow, the famed A-list hair stylist for Avon.  He is a regular at Fashion Week, the London ready-to-wear shoes, and recently appeared on “Make Me a Super Model”, Bravo’s own hit series.  I was able to get the scoop on the latest fall trends, how to repair summer hair, and what hair products we girls need to get our hands on to achieve the latest looks for the season!


MJ:       How did you get into the business of styling hair?

AB:       I’ve always loved to create unique looks, so styling was a natural next step. Fashion Week  especially is a great time to go all out, be as creative and out-of-the-box as possible and really take styling to that next level.

MJ:       What do you love most about your job?

AB: I’ve always loved helping to create new shapes, textures and looks with hair. You could say that it’s my canvas…and innovative and cutting-edge style is what it’s all about.

MJ:       Fall is almost here, and along with updating our wardrobe for the upcoming season, we ladies also need to update our hair as well. What are the hottest hair trends for the season?

AB: This season is all about classic shapes with modern, loose and twisty, textures. Don’t be afraid to play with product and take your natural romantic wave or soft curl to the next level.

MJ:       In lieu of having you as my personal stylist, how can I and my readers at home achieve these great looks?  What products and tools do you recommend?

AB: Creating a great, sexy look from home can be achieved with just 3 easy steps! For Fall 2009, it’s all about “The Wave”.

  1. Use a towel to remove any excess moisture from your hair. Blow dry hair until the hair is slightly damp.
  2. b.  Divide hair into a few sections and apply a pea size amount of Advance Techniques Shaping Gel to each section of hair.  Next, twist each section and secure to the top of your head with a bobby pin. Leave in for about 30 minutes or until hair is dry.
  3. Remove the twists and run your fingers through each section to tousle the pieces. Set your style with the Advance Techniques Hair Spray.

Picture1MJ:       The summer heat can do a number on a girls’ hair.  What products do you recommend to repair summer damage?

AB: Look for deeply hydrating and nourishing products to help restore and repair the environmental and UVA/UVB damage. I recommend the Advanced Techniques Moisture Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner to help repair summer sun damage. If you have more severe damage, an in-salon deep conditioning treatment can also help revive the hair.

MJ:       You always hear about protecting your hair and keeping it healthy during the summer.  Is there anything we need to do to keep our hair looking and feeling its best for the Fall?

AB: Fall is the perfect time to take a break from heavy styling. Let your hair air dry and embrace the natural, which is going to be very popular this Fall. If you don’t love your natural look, find products to help you accentuate the look to create something you’ll love.

To keep hair healthy, apply styling products from the ends up. To help repair split ends, I recommend the Advanced Techniques Split End Serum. It’s also very important to keep the hair moisturized. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!Picture2


MJ:       Are there any hot hair accessories we ladies need to look out for this Fall?

Jeweled hair accessories and skinny headbands are big for Fall. When in doubt, reach for a bobby pin, which can help create and hold almost any look and keep the hair looking simply chic.

MJ: If you can give just one piece of advice on hair care, what would it be?

AB: Don’t over style! And, invest in a good hair spray!

I give a big Thank You to Mr. Barrow for helping us ladies get armed and ready to have fabulous hair this fall!


Be Beautiful Ladies!

Photos Courtesy of: Avon

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  1. kittycotten

     /  September 22, 2009

    Great interview! I love all the tips!! Buying a really great hair spray can make or break a style, love all the hair advice!


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