Fierce Mother’s Day: A Successful Beauty Business with Mom

A daughter working with her mom isn’t too far fetched of a concept for me.  I worked with my mom at my first office job when I was 16 and I have to admit, it was a ton of fun!  I learned a great deal from her, gained a new respect for what my mom does and how great she is at it!  I’m certaintly not the only one who has a blast working with their mother.  Jessica Heller from Columbia, SC is managing her successful beauty business as an Avon Rep and Team Leader, with her mom Pam by her side!  Pam, a 17 year Avon vet, had Jessica working with her when Jessica was only 15.  The entepreneur bug stayed with Jessica even after she graduated from college.  Now the mother-daughter duo have full time careers with Avon, both in direct sales and in leading hundreds of other Avon reps Avon’s networking marketing program! I was able to talk to her about what it’s like working her mom and what she’s learned from her both on the beauty and business fronts!

MJ:      What kind of beauty advice did your mom give you growing up?

JH:      My mom would give me hints here and there about how to do my hair and how to put on makeup.  She used to do hair and makeup for my ballet recitals and I would always be eager to learn.  When I started getting older I gradually started doing it myself from watching and listening to her tips over the years.

MJ:      Why did you decide to go into the Avon’s business with your Mom?

JH:      actually started Avon part time just to make some extra money on the side.  The number one thing that brought me to Avon was the mark line.  I thought it was so trendy and fell in love with it!  Then my junior year of college my dad asked me what exactly I was going to do with the rest of my life and I knew I didn’t want to sit in a corporate position 9-5 sitting at a computer everyday.  SO I looked at my mom, her selling for 17 years, and decided that she has the life!  She gets to choose her own hours, travel often(usually with Avon:)) and her work varies so it’s not the same thing everyday.  And so I thought to myself, I want that!  So I really began working on my business so I could go full time when I graduated.

MJ:      How is it working so close with her? What are some of things you’ve learned from her?

JH:      I love working with my mom! I definitely think the Avon business has brought us closer together and tying our mother/daughter relationship even closer than I ever thought I would be!  I see her at least 3 times a week and we are able talk personal and business all the time.  She is definitely my mentor and best friend all at the same time!  I have learned SOO much from her.  She has taught me ways to run my business so that I am able to succeed at a faster rate.  She has also unintentionally taught me self discipline because that is one thing you have to have if you are going to run your Avon business full time.  I think the other valuable tool she taught me is working on myself.  Reading self improvement books and topics focused on running your business have really helped me become more knowledgeable and smarter with the way I run my business.

MJ:      What’s your secret to building a successful beauty-full business?

JH:      My secret…I would definitely say self discipline because you have to stay motivated to get out the door and talk to people!  Since you are your own boss you make the decisions of how and when you want to work.  I would also say something really simple that has worked for me is sitting down each night before I go to sleep and I make a list of at least 5 tasks I want to get done the next day.  This simple tool has kept me on track and to stay focused.

MJ:      How are you and your mom celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

JH:      You are going to laugh but I actually talked to my mom about this yesterday and we are going to have a cookout and play the perpetual wealth game. It is a game that teaches you to expand your mind and teaches you how to handle your money better.  So I will be cooking mom dinner with unique twists on food because I love to cook!

A big Thank You to Jessica for sharing her story!

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Photo courtesy of: Avon

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