Celeb Makeup Artist Jillian Dempsey’s Tips and Tricks for a Beauty-Full Summer

Trying to keep a flawless makeup look in the summer heat can be such a challenge!  So when I got the chance to personally chat with Jillian Dempsey, a celebrity makeup artist ,Avon Hollywood Makeup Artist, and the wife of Grey’s Star Patrick Dempsey.  Her cosmetic skills has graced the covers of big magazines such as  Allure, Elle,  Flaunt, GQ, Marie Claire, Nylon, Premiere and Vanity Fair.  I had to get the inside scoop on those summer beauty questions that we all want to know!  From getting the lowdown on liquid eyeshadow to picking and applying bronzer like a pro and even what beauty products she must have, Jillian explained it all!   I even picked up a great trick on applying color to my lower lash line!

What makeup item you shouldn’t be using this summer

Jillian suggests that any cakey or powdery foundation should “probably take a back seat in your makeup.”

The pros of using a liquid eyeshadow

If you’re looking for a shadow that’s sure to last, a liquid one is the way to go!  Jillian talked to me in particular about the Supershock Vivid Eyeshadow, dishing to me that this product allows us ladies to have a flawless application and longer wear than the normal powder one.  “You can build it, you can sheer it out, and it lasts!”

Jillian Dempsey for AVON Professional Kohl Eyeliner in Black

Tips on applying color to your lower lash line:

Take black eyeliner, (such as the JD Kohl eyeliner) and draw a very thin line a quarter inch from your inner eye to the edge of your eye.  Using your finger or a tiny brush, blend it out a little.  Then take a shimmery, sparkly eyeshadow (like Cool Bliss from Avon) and using a mini brush, blend it over the eyeliner.  “What you’ll get is a highlight in the corner of your eye and then you get a highlight iridescent on top of the black and it looks really cool!”

Do’s and Don’ts of Bronzer

When choosing a bronzer, Jillian suggests finding one that doesn’t have an iridescent.  “People think they’re easier to use because it looks more like your skin.” A common mistake that women tend to make with bronzer is choosing one that is a little too orange, making their face a completely different color from the rest her body.  When you do find the right powder bronzer, use a big brush and apply it on the cheekbone, the jawline area, and around the hairline.  If you’re using a liquid bronzer, go easy with it and apply it only to the upper cheek area (and please, no liquid bronzer on the forehead!)


MagiX Face Perfector SPF 20

Controlling that pesky oil shine

“I like to do preliminary mattifiers on the face prior to using your foundation.” And though such mattifiers can be helpi, Jillian believes that “blotting papers in the end are really good little things to tuck in your makeup bag.”

Why she likes liquid foundation

“As a makeup artist I kinda like using liquid because I feel like their easier to apply and they’re a little more blendable than say a cream or cream powder.”  She doesn’t think that we should all use a liquid foundation but rather that the liquid one is her own personal preference.

Jillian’s Makeup Must-haves

  • JD Kohl eyeliner
  • Concealer
  • Mascara
  • JD Pro Multi-pencil – “I like it for summer because it’s a 3 in 1 and there’s a choice of three different shades.” 

A big Thank You to Jillian for taking the time out to talk with me!

Need your fashion questions answered?? ELLE’s creative director has the answers for you right here!


Photos courtesy of: Avon

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