Friend Friday: Privacy

It’s Friend Friday again ladies!  I tell you this week flew by!  Last week’s topic on Blogger jealousy was a major hit and the discussion was amazing!  Make sure you check it out on Modly Chic to get links to all the blogger responses, and see the spotlights on Independent Fashion Bloggers!

This week’s topic is Privacy, a topic that I never really sit and think about.  I have my own standards and privacy that I just act on so this is great way for me to see (in writing) how I handle it!  I’m also anxious to see what the other bloggers say and so should you, so check them out right here!

Do you think privacy is something we should worry about as bloggers?

I think so because we bloggers are human!  Yes we may put our lives a little more on Front Street than other people who don’t blog, but we are people all the same and have a right to maintain our own level of privacy.

Do you use your real name or a pen name? What was behind that decision?

I use a pen name but not because I don’t want people to know my real name (its Margaret by the way!).  May sound silly but when I sat down and wrote my first “novel” at like age 10 or 11 I used MJ to represent my first name and middle initial, which is my grandfather’s name with an “a” at the end.  Now I use it more out of a daily homage to him than anything else!

How much personal information do you reveal about your life beyond the blog?

I reveal what is common knowledge like being married, living in the hot state of Florida, and other fun/interesting things about me that let you know where I’m coming from and understand my perspective on things.

What will you never reveal?

I will never reveal my husband’s personal information (he’s such a private person), any information that would make it super easy for someone to come find me in real life, and any personal information about my family and friends that they wouldn’t feel comfortable with.  I also don’t reveal anything about my day job – house rules!

As bloggers, we have to an extent made ourselves ‘public’ figures. But still there are things that are intimate to each of us that does not need to be known by anyone that stumbles across our blog. How do you determine what is appropriate for public consumption and what is private to you?

My criteria is this: If it’s something I wouldn’t mind telling a stranger I wouldn’t mind posting about it if it’s appropriate to what I’m writing about.  However, if it’s something that would only tell my husband or my handful of best friends, then it doesn’t make the blog.

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  1. Loved reading your answers…and I’m with you on not outing your hubby. You know, we might be totally cool, but my hubby is like yours…there is not a TRACE of him on the Internet, so I have to respect that.

    ♥ V

    • Mine cannot be found on the internet either! Facebook, twitter, and other social media aren’t his forte! 🙂

  2. the questions were great this week and your answers were spot on. everyone’s comfort criteria is different, but it’s good to know what the potential ‘monsters’ lurk around the corner

  3. Great answers!!! have been reading various vlogs and posts today! Agree with the what you wouldn’t or would share with peeps…

    Have a fab weekend love!
    ps thanks for stopping by hun!

    • Thank you! Everyone had some really great answers! I’m glad I found your blog! Have an awesome weekend! 🙂

  4. MJ, what a great story has to how you got your nickname and why you use it. I love that! I guess it helps all of us to sit and consider this issue of privacy every once and a while! Since we’re bloggers, we want people to know about us in a way. So we need to reflect!

    Thanks for your great comment on my blog, too!

    G J A

    • Thank you!! My grandfather was my heart so its the least I can do for him!

      And you are so welcome! I really liked your answers! 🙂

  5. Your answers are really cool. I’m excited to see somebody else whose blogging name has to do with their grandparent – I blog with a name my grandmother gave me


    • Oh really??? That is soo awesome! Isn’t a great way to show them love? 🙂

  6. Katy came up with a great set of questions this week!!

    I am with you on how much money I make and the sex life. I would NEVER put that out there! That is waaay too personal and has absolutely nothing to do with my blog! I always remember that there is no such word as “delete” when it comes to the internet! Once its out there, its out there!

  7. Hi there-

    So this is a good one to consider. Next week you should do Anger!

    Here are my answers:

    Do you think privacy is something we should worry about as bloggers?

    I think your life is as private as you make it. Don’t put out on the blogosphere what you don’t want people to know about. On my

    Do you use your real name or a pen name? What was behind that decision?

    I use my real name on my Skin Care and Stress Relief for Caregivers sites because I really want to connect with people who live a similar life as me. Using your real name helps you to be more authentic and people can trust you a little more.

    My pen name is my company name on other sites (Reviyve) but eventually my real name does come out which is fine. You can find it on my mail anyway 🙂

    How much personal information do you reveal about your life beyond the blog?

    I share about my life, my faith and my challenges of being a mom of a special needs little boy. I don’t usually share things like being a compulsive chocoholic (until now 🙂

    What will you never reveal?

    Like you I don’t reveal much about my day or how much money I make. Nobody’s business. I would also never talk about my sex life. Another thing that’s nobody’s business.

    Michelle aka Reviyve 🙂


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