Expert Skin Care Tips for The Acne Prone

Suffering from crazy bouts of acne can be extremely frustrating!  Though I have never experienced that problem, my sister has and watching her deal with it gives me a pretty good idea.  From over the counter cleansers to prescription creams, the trial and error process can be endless and any expert advice is surely welcomed!  To help my ladies who strive for clear skin, I’ve received Acne C.L.E.A.R Skin Tips from Paula Begoun.  She’s a skin care expert, author of Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, as well as the person behind CLEAR skin care products (which I will review in a later post! Promise!)

Ready for some crystal C.L.E.A.R advice??  Let’s go!

  • Clean Twice Daily: Use a gentle, water-soluble cleanser to remove excess oil and makeup that lead to clogged pores and dull-looking skin. A cleanser with an antibacterial agent such as triclosan can jump-start the process of killing acne-causing bacteria.  
  • L eave-On Exfoliant is a Must: Daily use of a well-formulated, leave-on product with salicylic acid (also known as beta hydroxy acid, or BHA) works beautifully to remove dead skin cells that get stuck in pores, mix with excess oil, and lead to breakouts. Salicylic acid also works to reduce the redness from acne and provides an additional antibacterial punch, getting you that much closer to clear, super-smooth skin!
  • E radicate Acne-Causing Bacteria: After exfoliating, apply a lightweight anti-acne product that’s medicated with benzoyl peroxide. This topical disinfectant is genius at quickly eliminating the bacteria that leads to the acne you don’t want! Apply your benzoyl peroxide product to breakout-prone areas—don’t spot treat only the acne you see now! Doing so means you’ll end up chasing acne all over your face, which is frustrating.
  • A void Heavy Moisturizers: If you have oily skin, do not use moisturizer, even if it’s oil free!  Your face is already producing an excess amount of oil and there is no need to add more. If you have dry areas, apply a lightweight, gel-textured moisturizer for soothing relief or opt for a serum, especially great to prep skin for makeup.
  • Remove Surface Pimples: Need to pop that prominent blemish fast before your date?  You can do it in three easy steps. First, cleanse skin and pat dry. Next, using the flat of your fingertips (not your nails) place your fingers on the edge of the swelling. The final step is to gently push down and in on the swelling. If that doesn’t release the contents the first time, change the positioning of your fingers and try again. If that doesn’t work, you are done. REMEMBER, never scratch, itch or burn your pimple! What else to avoid? Toothpaste! You’ll read that this works great to eliminate a stubborn pimple, but in fact it can make matters worse by causing excess irritation.

For more skin care tips from Paula, check out her blog

What skin care tips do you ladies have when it comes to dealing with Acne?

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  1. I have struggled with acne since I was 12. Nothing EVER seems to work for me, so I’ve pretty much given up, LOL. Giving up was the best thing I could’ve done. It seems all the stress about my skin was making it worse!! 🙂

    • LOL! Isn’t stress a funny thing?!

      My baby sister has had the same issue for awhile and even the medicated stuff didn’ make the acne go completely away.

      • I have tried so much of the medicated stuff, and all it ever did was make me sensitive to sunlight! I’ve even tried proactive and everything like that. The best stuff I found was using the Bare Escentuals makeup and cleanser.

    • Never give up! Just don’t obsess about it.

      Sometimes acne is hormonal and even environmental. And even dietary at times.

      There could be things that are aggravating the acne.

      I grew up with clear skin. Never had teen acne. I thought I got over. Until……..the 30s!

      There are some simple things you can do to reduce your risk of an outbreak. Like:

      * Changing your pillow cases more often
      * Avoiding products with sulfates and parabens in them
      * Keeping your hands away from your face so you don’t transfer bacteria
      * Letting your skin air dry instead of patting it dry
      * Balance the oil production with a cleanser that doesn’t contain oil. Then follow with an oil free moisturizer
      * Decongest those pores 2x a week with a good face mask

      These are just a few things that have helped me.


  2. Hey Michelle! I’m kinda iffy on the last one too. I personally don’t pop pimples period but if someone wants to try it out, then I leave this information up to their discretion!

    I’ve never heard of the Activated charcoal though! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips. The only one I firmly disagree with is the last one.

    Before you can even begin to “pop” a pimple, it has to be ready. Trying to do so before time will only make it worst and cause irritation.

    I saw an episode on Dr. Oz where he shows you how to pop a pimple (not squeeze). You actually lance it with a needle without causing scarring.

    Here’s another tip for helping to fight acne causing bacteria: Activated Charcoal.

    It’s the same stuff used to feed people after they have overdosed on some drug. The charcoal helps draw away the toxins from the body. It does the same for the skin.



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