Do Beauty and Fashion Play a Role in Politics?

From a weak economy to healthcare overhauls, everyone’s eyes are the midterm elections that will be here before you know it.  Are American’s paying attention to the proposed regulations and policies these candidates are proposing?  Are we choosing the candidates that we feel would best serve our country after November? Or are we more concerned about a candidates designer suit? 

In the Style vs. Substance survey conducted by Weatherproof (a men’s, women’s and children’s apparral company) published in the Style Section of the Huffington Post, we are more concerned about a politicians’ style than what he/she is all about.  Out of those surveyed, 55.2% said that a politicians’ physical presentation is more important, while 45.3% felt their policies were.  It does make sense that first impressions are key but hopefully not the end all, be all when comes to something as important as voting.  In my past life as a legal and political science student, I always looked at what a candidate is talking about and always look for the other side of the debate, so I can make an informed decision when I hit the voting station.  I never once made a decision solely based on what they were wearing or if they had hair or not (and thank goodness 95.6% of those polled don’t think baldness plays a role in choosing a candidate).  If you’re making a speech and looking sloppy, it will say a bit about how you carry yourself and make me a bit wary.

Keeping my fingers crossed that my country wasn’t completely and utterly shallow, I did check out the rest of the results and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.  For the most part, when it comes to specifics of fashion and beauty, most people felt that a candidate’s substance was more important than their style.  Thank goodness because our country is already in enough trouble, needing  as many competent people in its driving seat (not just the person who only knows how to dress!) 

What I did find a bit disturbing were these following results:

Do you think it’s easier or harder for a very attractive MALE candidate to prove he is also smart and capable?

Easier 47.2%

Harder 13.3%

It doesn’t matter 40.2%

Do you think it’s easier or harder for a very attractive FEMALE candidate to prove she is also smart and capable?

Easier 13.4%

Harder 64.8%

It doesn’t matter 22.2%

I mean really??  A woman can’t be beautiful and smart too? Just another hurdle for women for women to overcome these days!  There are plenty of smart, beautiful women out there who don’t succeed over looks alone!  I tell you, these stereotypes kill me!

Okay, I’m off my soapbox now!  Here are some other tidbits from the survey!

Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for a candidate who dresses well?

More likely 38%

Less Likely 1%

It doesn’t matter 61.8%

What effect, if any, does weight have when choosing a candidate?  Would you be less likely to vote for someone who is overweight?

Yes, I would be less likely to vote for an overweight candidate 32.7%

No, I would be more likely to vote for an overweight candidate 1.6%

Weight would not influence my decision 66%

How much time and energy should candidate spend on personal grooming?

A lot.  Presentation matters! 55.2%

The bare minimum, their policies are more important that their presentation    45.3%

Is it important for politicians to wear designer clothing?

Yes, they should look polished 5.3%

No, it’s elitist 27.2%

It doesn’t matter 68.9%

The U.S. hasn’t elected a bald president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.  How important is it for a politician to have a healthy, full head of hair?

Very important 3.5%

Not important 95.6%

I actually prefer bald politicians 1.2%

Are you more or less likely to vote for a candidate who has an attractive spouse?

More likely 10.1%

Less likely .9%

It doesn’t matter 89.2%

How important is a candidate’s educational background?  Which of the following is important to you?

College degree 42.8%

College degree for any Ivy League institution 6.7%

Post-graduate degree 60.3%

How important is it for a candidate to have previous political experience?

Very important 33.1%

Somewhat important 55.9%

Not important 12.3%

Does a better-dressed candidate have an advantage over his/her opponent?  Even if the opponent is better qualified?

Yes, definitely 18.1%

Not always 66.8%

Never 15.8%

I would love to hear what you ladies think about this survey!


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  1. Hi-

    I think it plays a role but more so as a compliment. Once a political candidates proves him or herself competent, the fashion and beauty part put an icing on the cake so to speak 🙂


    • I agree! I won’t pick a candidate just because they dress nice. Now if they have really great ideas and policies and happen to dress really well, then that’s extra sweet! 🙂


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