Thoughts That Can Change Your Life by Suze Orman

“You really can change your life, because change starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts create your destiny, if you can think great thoughts, speak great words, you can do great things.”

This is just one of the many great quotes from Suze Orman in her latest book, “Thoughts That Can Change Your Life”, which was released last month.  Packed with words of wisdom and Suzisms (as she calls them), she aims to help women be stronger, wiser, and happier.  She’s partnered exclusively with Avon to put out this book of inspiration ($9.99 Avon), with her royalties going straight to the Avon Foundation for Women.  Not only is she helping women with this book, she has also helped out one lucky Avon Rep.  As the winner of the Avon Representative Money Makeover Sweepstakes, Kadeem Alston-Roman won a personal finance session with Suze Orman along with $10,000. I was able to ask the financial Guru a few questions about her book as well as Kadeem on her meeting with Suze Orman and what she plans to do with cash prize.

Suze Orman

What inspired you to write Thoughts That Can Change Your Life?  What were your sources of inspiration?

Let me tell you why I decided to write Thoughts That Can Change Your Life. It actually happened from Twitter.  I’m on Twitter,  @suzeormanshow, and people would write and I actually do my own Tweets.  And I would say ‘No, no, no, you know, when you make average great you’re dreams come true.’ And I would do all of these sayings.  And little by little the Twitterers would say, ‘Suze, you need to do a book on these. Suze, we’re going to do a book on your Suzeisms.’ And I kept thinking about, hm, I have a lot of Suzeisms don’t I? So, I started to write them down. And I wrote down many of them. There are far more than 89 that we have in this book. And I thought now that I have these, what should I do with these Suzeisms that can change people’s lives as their reading it, that can help people in an economy that is going nowhere, and at the same time could help those in need?

Why did you decide to sell this new book exclusively with Avon?

So, I decided, it was very simple; I would write a book. I would give it to Avon. Avon would be the only people able to sell it. Avon Representatives would be able to make money. The money would help them be able to pay their bills, and the royalties that I should be paid for that book goes into the Avon Foundation, and the women and the men buying the book get inspired to be better by themselves. And what have we got? We’ve got a good circle that everybody gets to benefit from. It was really just that simple.

Kadeem Alston-Roman

What was it like meeting Suze Orman and having a financial session with her?

Meeting Suze Orman and having a financial session with her was truly phenomenal. I learned how to plan and use the $10K to help get me and my aunt get out of debt, much sooner than we initially expected.

What are your plans with your award money?  How will you use it to further your Avon business?

My aunt and I plan to upgrade her hearing aids so she can better communicate with her Avon customers. Additionally, we’ll be investing the money to get people into our Avon downline.

What was the best piece of advice that Suze Orman gave you?

The best piece of advice Suze gave us was how to get out of debt and be free of loans and unpaid bills.

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