Time for a Remix! My 30×30 Challenge Picks

Yeah, you read right.  I’ve decided to join Kendie Everyday’s 30×30 fashion challenge!  If you haven’t heard about this challenge before, it’s real simple:  you pick 30 items of clothing and your job is to create 30 outfits just using those pieces (that means no shopping for month either.  Tough I know!).  The whole gist of this fashion challenge is to learn how to get creative and learn how to shop your closet.  For the complete scoop, check out Kendie’s blogSince I stopped being a chicken and signed up, I’ve been really, excited!  It’s my first time ever doing something like this and I have no clue how it’s going to go.  But, it will get my butt in gear to step up my fashion sense, get out of my style box, and get serious practice in doing my own outfit photos, which is the type of content I really wanted to do this year on my blog anyway!

Well, the first step was picking my 30 items.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought, though I found myself getting nervous when I really finalized my choices.  It’s a winter challenge, but down here in Florida I’m fortunate enough to get away with short sleeves and not having to wear a jacket most of the time.  But I do have a few sweaters and cardigans because the mornings can get a little chilly. I tried to include clothes that I usually don’t make the normal fashion rotation (such as the lime green dress and the ruffle blue cardigan) to further challenge myself in remixing my clothes.  In choosing my items I also had to keep in mind that I do work in an office environment during the week, so though I don’t have to wear suits every day I do have to maintain a professional appearance (so the hot pink pumps and my Reeboks will have to be reserved with the weekends!)  Speaking of Reeboks, yes, I made no mistake including those because the Tonboy in me is determined to make them work with this challenge!

3 Sweaters

1. St. Johns Bay-JCPenny

2.  Cable & Guage – Marshalls

3.  St. Johns Bay – JCPenny

5 Tops

4.  Charlotte Russe

5.  Bisou Bisou – JCPenny

6.  Fashion to Figure

7.  New York & Co

8.  Worthington – JCPenny

3 Button Down Shirts

9.  EdTV – Macy’s

10.  Rainbow

11. Worthington – JCPenny


12.  Charlotte Russe

13. Charlotte Russe

14 . New York and Co

15. Charlotte Russe

2 Tees

16.  Rainbow

17. Old Navy

2 Dresses

18.  New York and Co

19.  Marshalls

2 Skirts

20.  New York and Co

21.  Worthington – JCPenny

5 Pairs of Pants

22.  New York and Co

23.  Worthington – JCPenny

24.  New York and Co.

25.  Worthington – JCPenny

26.  Old Navy

4 Pairs of Shoes

27.  Nine West

28.  Payless

26.  Rack Room Shoes

30.  Reeboks


So tell me! Are you joining in the 30×30 fun??

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  1. Love the hot pink shoes! Too cute. Also love the yellow dress, I have the same one in black!

  2. Love it and you look great with your pop of color! I want to participate but I don’t have enough separates to pull it off. Glad to see you posting outfits.

    • MJ

       /  February 1, 2011

      Thank you! I thought I didn’t have enough clothes either but it’s really not that bad!

  3. I gotta see this! Love it, but to scared to do it myself!

  4. Oh hey you’ve signed up for this! Good for you and have fun – looking forward to see the results!

  5. I am! I am beyond excited. Can’t wait to see how you mix it up!

  6. Oooh- awesome picks! Can’t wait to see how you mix them together!

  7. You picked some great pieces! Can’t wait to see how you remix them.


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