Friend Friday: Beauty Talk!

Happy Friday!

We get to talk about beauty today for Friend Friday!! Let’s get to it!


What’s your favorite drug store makeup product and your favorite higher-end product?

OMG, that’s like asking a shoe addict to pick their favorite pair!  

Right now, my favorite drug store makeup product is this Hard Candy Eyeshadow in Super Nova.  It’s a rich, deep purple shade with little glitter specks that are super cute for a night out!  I also like the fact that it’s baked, so you don’t get eyeshadow powder everywhere (I’m so good for that!).My favorite higher-end product right now is this mascara from Estee Lauder.  I reviewed it for last month’s Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru assignment and I fell in love with it!  It gets your lashes really long and all you need is one coat to get the job done!


Covergirl Press PowderIs there one type of product that is your go-to, can’t live without?

I absolutely cannot live without my press powder.  I use Covergirl’s Clean Pressed Powder for Oily skin and it’s an absolute live saver when it comes to my oily nose!  That baby can shine up in two seconds!  All I need is a quick little dab on my nose and my face looks just as fresh as it did when I walked out the door!

What’s the best hair product you’ve ever used?

Two Words – Carol’s Daughter

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Set

My hair has been transitioning now for ten months and it has been acting all kinds crazy!  My natural hair no longer responds well to the products I used to use and it lets me know about it –my hair was extremely dry, my scalp was extremely irritating, and my natural roots would frizz up on a dime!  So I had to switch to products that had more natural oils and didn’t have any type of parabens or sulfates.  So a few weeks ago I went to Sephora and picked up Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo and Hair Smoothie. OMG!  My hair has never been so happy!  I’m almost afraid to switch up and use something else at this point!

Fess up, what’s the worst beauty look you’ve tried to rock and look back at now with a little shame or apprehension that you actually did that?

Back in the day, my mom hardly ever let me go to the salon so I had to become a DIY when it came to my hair – hence the source of some bad hair ideas!  One bad hairstyle I wore was when I recreated the braids Da Brat wore back in the 90’s.  I went out and bought those blasted colored rubber bands and called myself looking so fly in them.  Yeah they were cool then, I guess, but thank goodness I don’t have any photos of that one!

When it comes to beauty products, we all use the same basic products. What do you use that helps show off your personal flare and personality?

My eyeshadow says it all! LOL.  I love, love, LOVE playing up my eyes more than anything else so that’s how I add my own personality to my beauty regimen.  No color is off limits to me and I’m always trying to find new ways to remix the palettes and colors I have to come up with new looks. It’s where I can get super creative!



Let’s talk ladies!  What are your makeup must haves?  What horrendous beauty look have you rocked?  How does your makeup show off your personality?

If you’re interested in joining the Friend Friday fun, head on over to Modly Chic to find out the details!

Photos courtesy of:, Carol’s Daughter, photobucket

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  1. Carol’s daughter’s products always smell so nice, I’ve been using this in combination with Morrocan oil, and Nexus products! I love!



  2. First off, I love your style!! The way you write draws me in which is so fun!! I need to add you to my blogroll! Anyway, I should try that pressed powder! I don’t know why, but my face has gotten SO oily over the past year or two. It’s gross. Right now I use MAC, which is good, but maybe I should try something made for the oily madness. Thanks, great post!

    • MJ

       /  March 4, 2011

      Thanks so much Krystle! That means a whole lot!

      Yes, the press powder is awesome especially living down here in FL where the humidity is nothing to play with!

  3. Word, Estee Lauder mascara for real? Better than Voluminous? I love that one. I will try this though. I love mascara.

    If you like Carol’s Daughter, I think you will LOVE WEN. I know he’s not a person of color but I tell you, I’ll never use anything else. It is a little pricey but it’s so worth it. I’m all natural and my hair couldn’t survive without it. That’s because it gets so tangly (you know how that is when your hair is natural. All the tangles rise up!)

    MJ, you look so young! Like you are about 21.

    LOL love the color rubber bands. They were indeed the style

    • MJ

       /  March 4, 2011

      Yes Estee Lauder is really good! I highly recommend it!

      I’ve heard of WEN but I didn’t think it would work for my hair! Would have to try it out for sure!!

      My goodness, sometimes I wish I was 21! LOL. I’m starting to embrace turning 30 this year so it’s all good!

      Yes that was the style then and I really hope it doesn’t come back! LOL

  4. lol, you rocked da brat braids?? too funny 😀 i’m glad that you are having a good time with the carol’s daughter, my hair hated it 😦


    • MJ

       /  March 4, 2011

      oooh child, yes I did (among other crazy things!) It’s crazy because when my hair was relaxed, it rarely reacted to anything I used. Now that my naturalness is coming out, it has become super particular! LOL


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