Spring Inspired – FTF Blog Event 5/4/11

Here is the second installment of Full Time Fabulous’s monthly blogging event and the theme this time is all about Spring.  We have to create our visual interpretation of Spring and what it means to us.  This Spring has been a time of really finding out what I’m made of, leaving no room for fear or self doubt.  I’m haven a lot of big and exciting things going on in my personal and professional life right now , so I’m inspired by this season’s concept of renewal, rebirth, and being bold by totally stepping out into new territory.


Photo courtesy of: Wallpaperseek.com


Color Blocking Trend 2011

Photo courtesy of: Lizzieedwards.com


Country Road

Photo courtesy of: peyfate.wordpress.com

Natural Hair

Photo courtesy of : thirstyroots.com



Photo courtesy of: studentbranding.com



Photo courtesy of: allwomanstalk.com

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  1. I think that fashion really is all about being bold and unique! Great images!

    • MJ

       /  May 16, 2011

      You are absolutely right!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  2. I love the sunset photos….and the outburst of colors…definitely a perfect post!!!!

    I am loving spring even more..


    • MJ

       /  May 9, 2011

      I’m so glad you liked it! I remember the best sunset I saw was while on a cruise. The most beautiful thing I had every seen!

  3. Is that second photo of the Gucci collection? I saw it in the store recently (just browsing, not shopping unfortunately), and it’s so gorgeous! Those colors really do scream spring.

  4. such wonderful inspirational images for this season. i’m really feeing them!! bright colors are kind of new territory for me as well, so i can definitely relate to how you feel. but they are fun and i think we’ll have a blast incorporating them into our wardrobes!! =)

    Kristy Eléna – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  5. flyingfabu

     /  May 8, 2011

    MJ, I keep reading over and over that everyone is transition. What an exciting time! I feel like I’m in that same space and I’m embracing changes. Way to go!
    🙂 f
    The House in the Clouds

  6. Those images are a perfect representation of the season!

  7. What great images to capture the season of Spring. I agree with you- renewal is the most incredible thing about the season. It reeks of hope, of recreation and new beginnings. Wishing you a season of powerful and positive transformation, beautiful. xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  8. Beautiful post, dear! Gotta love that Gucci collection, it’s so bold and fearless. I love the idea of focusing on the aspects of renewal and rebirth in spring; it gives so much strength to the season, which can easily feel flimsy with all the softness and flowers. You gave it so much more depth with this post!

    • MJ

       /  May 6, 2011

      Thank you! Normally Spring means flowers and girly fashion but this one is extra special for me so I’m glad that it came across in this post!

  9. Very nice post! Love the second photo, those pops of colour get me pumped into the runway of Spring! -xo

  10. Lovely post darling. Happy friday! xx

  11. Beyonce can do no wrong! Great collection of photos.

    • MJ

       /  May 6, 2011

      So true!! She is the textbook definition of this blog name! 🙂

  12. designedbyann

     /  May 6, 2011

    For me spring is the picture with the country road and the tree… I have a soft spot for “lonely” trees…

    • MJ

       /  May 6, 2011

      Ha! I loved this picture! It definitely spoke to me!

  13. Great post, loving the color blocking trend!

    • MJ

       /  May 6, 2011

      Thank you! The color blocking trend is really hot this spring! I love it!

  14. I think I can totally relate with the bright colors. I’m just wondering on the pic with the lady with natural hair. Did it inspire you because of how you are transitioning to natural now?

    • MJ

       /  May 5, 2011

      It did! It’s a brand new territory for me and it’s all part of stepping out of the comfort zone and trying new things!


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