Beauty Blast: SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Skincare


Summer is officially here and the rising temps down here lets me know that everyday!  Despite it being a gazillion degrees outside, I still suffer from the same problem I had earlier in the year – dry skin.  My nose is really good at producing extra oil but the rest of my skin can dry out so easily, especially with all the swimming I like to do this time of year.  That’s why I’ve always been a body wash kinda girl because I find that bar soap just doesn’t moisturize well enough for me.  As for lotion, I’m always going for those that cater to dry skin and doesn’t have too strong of a scent (I don’t want it to compete with my perfume!).  Keeping all that in mind, I was kinda psyched to review SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter skincare products.

My husband was the first one to put me on to shea butter, especially in its raw form.  He keeps a tub  of it and recommends it for everything – from treating a dry scalp to skin dryness and irritation.    I had the opportunity to try out their Raw Shea Butter Body Wash ($9.99) and Lotion ($7.99), while I gave hubby the honor of using the Soap ($4.99).  All of these skin care goodies are rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, Frankincense, and Myrrh.   Now normally I would break each product down and get into the specifics of each one and my experience with them, but it would all be pretty redundant because:

I absolutely loved them!

The body wash left my skin soft and hydrated, while the lotion gave my skin so much moisture!  It literally glowed without looking greasy, the semi-thick lotion absorbing into my skin rather easily.   Even after a long day of work or running errands, my skin was still hydrated, which is something I can’t say for a lot of the lotions I’ve tried.  My husband liked the soap as well, giving him basically the same results as the body wash.  The fragrance is not overpowering either, leaving you smelling fresh and clean.  If I had to pick an absolute favorite, it would definitely be the lotion.  With all the lotions I have in my house, I’m always hunting for the Raw Shea Butter one (that says something!).  My only little peeve with it is that because the lotion is a little on the thick side, it can be hard to get out of the bottle sometimes.  I think if it came in a jar, it would make life a lot easier!  Otherwise I love it (and the price points are great too!)

You can find these products on their site or in your local drug store.  As a matter of fact on my latest trip to Walgreens, I saw that this company also has hair products!  How cool is that?!  My hair loves shea butter! 🙂

Have you tried out their products?  How did you like them?


Photos courtesy of:  SheaMoisture

FTC Disclosure:  Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples from said company.

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  1. Sue

     /  November 7, 2011

    I asked my husband to purchase the African Black soap body wash and all I can say is HEAVENLY!!! I will make the Raw Shea Butter wash my next purchase. My husband actually said he has never used a body wash that is so rich. I come out of the shower smiling every day. My hubby buys them on his trips to Miami but I hope one day these products will be available here in Jamaica.

    • MJ

       /  November 8, 2011

      I loved the body wash and the lotion especially! Maybe you can try They sell their products online and they may ship overseas. Definitely worth a try! 🙂

      • Sue

         /  December 18, 2011

        I will look into this, thanks for the info. I just got the Raw Shea Butter Body Wash, I like it but I prefer the one with the Black Soap……they are both really good but I am hooked on the latter. The lotion is very thick as noted by most reviewers.

  2. Heyy MJ< I loooooooooooooooove Shea Moisture's line. I haven't used the hair milk and smoothie yet but I've used the deep conditioning hair masque and the curl enhancing smoothie. LOVE IT. The DC works wonders on dry weak hair.

    • MJ

       /  June 27, 2011

      Hey Michelle!! How you been girl??!!

      I am soo glad you said that because I’m just waiting for my Carol’s Daughter stuff to run out so I can go try their hair stuff!

  3. Hi MJ,

    I recently bought the Shea moisture Black soap regime and love it. I will have add to my wish list the products your recommended. I also love the Coconut Hibiscus hair milk and smoothie.


    • MJ

       /  June 6, 2011

      Oooh, the coconut hibiscus hair milk sounds nice! I have to try that one!


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