Beauty Blast: Dr. Miracle’s Restorative and Conditioning Treatment Packs

We’re talking hair today and for the past few weeks, I’ve been giving these treatment packs from Dr. Miracle’s a test run in my hair routine.  I thought having these come in little packs was a great way for someone like me to try out a few products at a time without hurting my pocket ($4.19 each box on their site).   I’m really hoping that Dr. Miracle’s plans on having full sized jars of some of these, because, as you will read, I have some clear favorites!

The Restorative Pack

Argan Hot Oil Treatment:  This pack that I’ve used as a pre-shampoo treatment has natural Vitamin E and antioxidants that aim to reduce the appearance of split ends while giving your hair moisture and shine.  The product itself is very thick and if you have fine hair like I do, one pack will give you at least 3 applications.  I followed the instructions, evenly distributing it through my hair and sitting under the dryer on low heat for about 5 minutes before hopping in the shower to shampoo my hair.  It worked okay for me, my major complaint being that it seemed to take forever to rinse out of my hair.  I have to use it very sparingly because of that and I didn’t notice a major difference in my hair.

Acai Thermal Heat Styler:  Because I haven’t straightened my hair at all summer, I used this product when I was doing a flat twist out and planning on sitting under the dryer.  Its natural lipids aim to shield hair from heat damage while the Acai berry extracts give it moisture and shine.  Unlike the Argan Oil, this product is really, really watery!  I opened it up and spilled a lot of it in the sink.  I wished it was a little bit thicker to make application less messy.  Other than that, I thought it did a good job and kept my twists soft and moisturized while under the dryer.

Coconut Milk Leave in the Conditioner:  This was the highlight of the entire pack for me!  I wished it came in a huge jar like Cantu’s because I was using this product religiously!  Its rich ingredients (and wonderful scent) helped keep the curls soft while giving hold.  I also noticed the boost in shine my hair had as well.  Though it isn’t as thick as the Argan, we fine haired ladies do have to use this sparingly, otherwise you hair can get greasy and weigh downed very easily.  It’s great to use it as a leave in before twisting or braiding your hair before drying .  I tried using it for my Wash n Go’s but it’s a little too thick and if I didn’t take the time to really rub it into my hair, it would leave a residue (which isn’t cute).  That however does not stop me for totally falling in love with this product!

The Conditioning 3 pack

Deep Conditioning Treatment:  This was the star of the pack, the thick cream formulated to help heal breakage and condition a dry scalp.  I warn you though, that it has a strong, medicine type smell that many of the Dr. Miracle’s products are known for but once you get under the hair dryer and you feel that lovely, warm tingle on your scalp it’s all worth it!  Once I rinsed it out my hair felt super soft to touch.  It also looked and felt healthier and I saw a reduction in the amount of shedding I experience on wash days.

Leave in Treatment and Conditioner:  I confess that I didn’t have a chance to try out this one (I know I’m a bad blogger! LOL).  But I can still give you info – it is to be used a daily intensive treatment to heal hair and scalp problems.  If any of you ladies have used it, please let me know how you liked it in comments!

Anti-Breakage Strengthening Crème:  This everyday moisturizer aims to moisturize, condition, and give your hair a nice finish while helping reduce everyday damage.  I really wanted this product to deliver but I only used it once.  The medicine type smell was soo overwhelming I just couldn’t get passed it and didn’t use it again.  I don’t mind that scent if it’s a product that I’m going to be washing out of my hair.  But if it’s something that I would be using on my hair daily before stepping out the door, it’s a turn off.  I think that if it had a wonderful smell like the Coconut leave-in, I would use it a lot more often!


Have you ladies used any of these packs?  What are your thoughts?


Photo courtesy of: Dr. Miracle’s

FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples.

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  1. Maggie M

     /  April 13, 2012

    I used the pack and I love the Argan Hot Oil treatment. It did wonders for my hair. My hair is soft, manageable yet strong. my hair also looks thicker and more vibrant. Love it.


  2. I had wanted to try Dr. Miracle at one point but I had a read a few not so desirable things from different sources so I didn’t bother. Looks like he’s coming up with new products though so I’d be opened to try the conditioner pack.

  3. oh sweet…i need to check these out. i have always liked the products from this line..


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