Friend Friday: Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Santa Hats

Christmas 2008

Don’t ask me where the time went but seriously, I just put my tree up a few days ago! LOL  I’m usually on the ball with that but it’s all good.  It’s Christmas at MJ’s house now so I’m in the right headspace to answer these FBFF form questions about the holidays! (Yeah we’re taking it old school today!)

No holiday party is complete without: Christmas music of course!

My favorite Christmas song/album:   My favorite Christmas songs are Santa Claus is Coming to Town by the Jackson Five, All I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey, and The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole.  I think I’m going to put those songs on right now…

My favorite seasonal recipe: I’m not much of a cook but my grandmother’s candied yams are crazy awesome and we only eat it around this time of year.

The perfect New Year’s Eve outfit includes:   A sparkly pair of pumps.  I’m seriously obsessed with them after getting my first pair.

At the parties, I’ll be drinking: Champagne for sure.  No time like this time of year to get my grown girl on.

Eggnog, good or bad?  Eggnog is good but with a little bit of nutmeg and a splash of dark rum, it’s awesome!

Did you ever take pictures on Santa’s lap at the mall? As a kid I did every year and once in college. So much fun!

Gingerbread Latte or Peppermint Mocha:  Neither.  I’m an Eggnog Latte and Pumpkin Coffee kinda girl.

Starbucks Eggnog Latte

Photo courtesy of:

Worst gift I ever got: You know, I’ve never really received a bad gift.  I’m lucky to have very attentive people around me (or people who just flat out ask me what I want, either way it works!)

Best gift I ever received: My engagement ring from my husband.  Nothing can beat that gift! J

My family has this weird tradition: My siblings and I always rock our Santa hats and reindeer ears every year.  It’s great when you can be goofy with the people you love!

My best bargain find for a gift this year:  Seriously, I got great deals on all of my gifts this year.  Can’t say what they are though (because my peeps read the blog)

If I could only buy all my gifts from one place, I’d shop at: Tiffany’s.  I’m a big fan of the “buy one for them and one for me” rule!

Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman:  I like Rudolph!  He’s a cutie!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Photo courtesy of

My favorite holiday memory:  When I got engaged two days after Christmas.  He was called to tell me he couldn’t get anything for Christmas and a whole bunch of other things that he knew would make me angry.  So we didn’t talk the entire day (because I was peeved!) and when he came by to see me empty handed I was through!  I was so upset, I didn’t realize when he got on one knee and pulled my ring out of his pocket (laughing at me the entire time, mind you!)

My favorite Christmas movie:  March of the Wooden Soldiers is my all time favorite!  Home Alone comes in close second.

The best part about holiday decorations is: The tree!  It’s the star of the show.

Rip off the wrapping paper or neatly pull off the tape:   Oh I’m a neat freak when it comes to unwrapping.  I fold the scraps up and everything!

Miracle on 34th Street or It’s a Wonderful Life:   Miracle on 34th Street for sure.

It doesn’t feel like the holiday season until: I put my Christmas tree up.  That’s when it sinks in for sure!

All I want for Christmas is:  To have my family over at my new home.

Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree 2011. Next year I'm upgrading! 🙂

What are your favorites of this holiday season?

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  1. Aww, cute post! I love hearing how you got engaged. Good thing you didn’t break up with him before he popped the question lol! It’s funny that when you mentioned the candied yams, I got a bit panicky- we’re supposed to do the yams with the marshmallows on top, but…. I kinda ate half of them already! oops.. need to sneak out and get more marshmallows now so no one notices hahahaha!!

    • LOL! Oh I was on the phone with BFF that day cursing his name! It was too funny.

      Oh it’s not your fault – marshmallows are soo tempting! LOL

  2. Cute pic! How can you calmly unwrap gifts? haha I just want to find out what they are!

    • Thank you! Sometimes the paper is just so pretty I don’t want to ruin it! (I’m weird like that… 🙂 )

  3. Your tree looks so good! I know that corner! 🙂 I’m excited for Christmas this year…I feel like I’m 5 years old every year at this time.

    • haha! Thank you! I always feel like a little kid too! That’s what makes this holiday so much fun.


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