8 Things I’m Doing When I’m Not Blogging

Ya’ll these past few weeks have been wrecking havoc on my blogging mojo and when that happens, I find that stepping out of the normal routine of things help.  So here are the 8 things I’m doing when I need a break from blogging.

Basketball Wives Season 4

Basketball Wives Season 4

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  1. Numbing my brain with reality TV.  Yes, I’m a reality TV nut and when you have a mind that is constantly going, you need to slow it down and shows like Basketball Wives, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Mob Wives does the trick.  I can just zone out and watch the madness!
  2. Indulge the foodie in me.  If I could cook I would be an awesome chef but that gene totally skipped me so I just appreciate the food other cooks make!  I love trying out new food and gathering recipes that my husband, who is a great cook, can whip up in our kitchen.  Food Network and Cooking Channel are regularly watched channels in my house and I’m always up for trying the latest restaurant in town.
  3. Interior Decorating.  Since buying my house, I’ve been having a blast decorating it!  I love playing with paint colors, adding unexpected accents to a room, and seeing my vision of a room come to life.  My most recent project is my home office (which I spent a weekend painting myself, by the way!) or my woman cave as I call it.  It’s still a work in progress but I’m enjoying how it’s coming together.

    Hunger Games

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  4. Reading.  My new Kindle Fire has made reading so much easier for me and there’s nothing I enjoy more than curling up on the couch and getting lost in books like the Hunger Games Trilogy, Song of Ice and Fire Series, and the Eye of the World by Robert Jordan, which I’m reading right now.
  5. Playing computer games.  Yes, I do have a nerdy side and I’m not afraid to show it!  I like playing computer games and it’s a great way to use my brain in a new (and less stressful way!)  My dad was a big computer gamer and he introduced to all sorts of strategy type games that I loved playing as a kid.  My favorites right now?  Castleville on Facebook and the Sims 3.
  6. Playing tourist in my backyard.  A big thing that I did and still do with my family is visit local attractions around town.  My mom, sister, brother, and I all pile up in the car and spend the day at places like the Miami Dade Zoo, the sandy coasts of Naples, and the big Art Festivals in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.  We always have a blast and they are even more special now since we don’t see each other on a regular basis.

    Jacksonville, FL 2010

  7. Hitting the Road.  In an effort to really sell me on road trips, my husband loves to do road trips, especially impromptu ones (which my Type A personality isn’t really used to!).  But he always knows how to have them at the right time, when I’m super stressed and I need to get away with my baby.  So we’ll throw a bag or two, along with my phone, in the trunk and hit the open road, our longest trip so far was to Pensacola, FL in the panhandle which was a 11 hour drive.  (Yeah that was crazy for me!)  Trips like this allow me to be spontaneous, have fun, and just go with the flow!
  8. Watching Movies.  I love, love, love watching movies.  In the days before On Demand and live streaming, I would hit up places like Blockbuster and Hollywood video to buy up my favorite movies.  Then I would get home and watch them over and over again, memorizing them line by line!  I’m also someone who would make the sacrifice and make the lines at the premiere of my favorite movie.  The last one I really stood in line for was Star Wars Episode III with an entourage of family of friends.  Unfortunately movie prices continue to climb but if it’s a movie I really want to see, I’ll splurge for sure!  My favorite movies of all time (as of right now!) are:  Bad Boys II, Scarface, Sex in the City, Lord of the Rings (all three), and Independence Day.

What are you up to when you aren’t blogging or doing anything blog related?


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  1. Aw this is a fun post :). I take little mini breaks from my computer to unwind and do much of the same. My reality TV though is more competition base…like don’t get in the way of my project runway or the voice! like a serious don’t!

  2. I am so excited that you play Sims 3. That is seriously – my favorite computer game. If you ever want to download any expansion packs let me know! I have quite a few 🙂

    I like to spend my down time watching NCIS, Bones, House, and Law & Order SVU marathons – with the occassional Ghost Whisperer re-run tossed in there. We need to get together soon! Are you coming to see the ballet??

    • MJ

       /  March 7, 2012

      I LOVE Law and Order SVU! I didn’t know you liked the Sims too!! That’s so awesome!

  3. Oh I love #1, it’s a great way to shut off your brain after thinking and being creative all day. Also, I think as women our minds are going a hundred miles a minute that it’s nice to slow down with some Real Housewives (or Jersey Shore is my guilty pleasure of choice) hehe

  4. These are all amazing ways to disconnect and reconnect with things other than the Internet. I especially love to read, watch movies and go out to dinner. Road trips sound amazing, all I need is a partner ready to hit the open road!

    Sounds like you’re enjoying your you time!

    • Oh I am always up for going out to dinner!

      Yeah, I’ve really needed the down time. It’s been a hectic few weeks for me so decompressing is definitely a priority for me right now!

  5. Gosh – you’ve reminded me I need some proper time out – I wish that I was doing some of that when I wasn’t blogging – can’t remember the last time I saw a movie or read a book – it’s just been dancing and teaching and working lately!

    • Yes! It’s really important to take some time out for yourself. Even from the things you love. 🙂


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