My Natural Hair Journey: 2 Years Later

In  a few weeks it will be 2 years since my last relaxer and it’s crazy how far my hair has come.  Ever since making the decision to stop chemically straightening my hair I’ve learned a whole lot about my hair (and my patience! LOL)  It was a choice that I didn’t put too much thought into but rather just taking the opportunity to try something different.  I had a hair stylist that guided me through the first six months, which helped tremendously and afterwards the internet has been a lifesaver when it came to caring for my hair.   Wearing my hair curly is a completely new look for me, even back in the day when I used to press my hair every week.  My husband and my family have been super supportive and they’ve gotten used to it too, so it’s really awesome.

Relaxed Hair

June 2010 – the last time I relaxed my hair


Transitioning Hair

August 2010 – My first mini cut.


Black hair

January 2011 – Still rocking it straight


Natural Hair

June 2011 – After going to a different stylist and a huge hair cut debacle, I had to get a lot of my relaxed hair cut. The shortest I ever had my hair

Natural hair

December 2011 – Hair is really growing in


Since going back to my curly hair I’ve:

  • Learned the art of patience.  Growing out my relaxer took about 13 months to do and dealing with the two different textures of hair was super frustrating at times.  But I got through it and I’m so glad I did because I love my hair now!
  • Pay attention to what products I use on my hair.  Before I would try any and everything on my hair.  Now I’m a lot more selective because my hair is super picky these days.  When I use a product that it doesn’t like , trust me, my hair will act the fool!
  • Turn to my pantry for common hair problems.  Olive oil is my best friend when it comes to sealing in the moisture in my hair as well as doing hot oil treatments for an extra dry scalp.  Eggs and Mayo work great in helping to reduce breakage (doesn’t smell so great but it does the job!)
  • Watched my hair grow longer and faster than it ever did. My hair before would grow almost to my shoulder and then break off.  The hair in the back especially was always short and damaged.  Now the hair back there grows like crazy and the last time I hot ironed my hair a few weeks ago  (before the frizz kicked in!)  not only was it to my shoulder but it was an inch past it.  I was too excited!
  • Let my hair do it’s thing. I can do my hair the exact same way and it will never come out the same way twice.  I used to get frustrated and tried to do any and everything to get it how I wanted and what I would end up with was dry and breaking hair.  Now, I just let my hair do it’s things and more often than not, I get a good hair day.
  • Shortened my hair time in the morning.  Aww man I used to spend a good hour curling my hair everyday before work.  Now I just put on a little oil or moisturizer, fluff and go!
  • Discovered so many different ways to do my hair.  When my hair was straight I would rock the same basic hairstyle, parted to the side and pulled behind my ears.  Now with my curls I can rock a fro, flat twists, fluffy updos, scarves, headbands, hair clips, and even a fro hawk.  The possibilities are endless and I can’t help but have so much fun!

April 2012 – Loving how big my hair can get!


I’m really glad I stuck it out this long.  I’m getting the volume I always wanted and it’s cool to know that this is the hair that I was born with and I can do so much with it!  It’s also healthier than it’s been since I was a kid and that’s the most important thing!


Have you done anything really different with your hair?

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  1. I think your natural hair is gorgeous! I’m probably going to keep my same old long layers ‘do for a while as I’m about to have this lil’ lady bean and need something I can easily throw back in a ponytail! : )

    • MJ

       /  May 17, 2012

      Thank you! I hear you! I’m so glad my hair air dries so it will be very low maintenance when my little lady gets here!

  2. You look amazing. I love your hair. it’s been about three years since i had a perm. I have a mini fro, but when i straighten it it’s down my back. love it

    • MJ

       /  May 17, 2012

      Thank you! I love how you can wear it short or get a long by blowing it out. It’s awesome! Mine goes a little bit below my shoulder when I blow it out.


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