The Mermaid Treatment at the Eau Spa Palm Beach

Body ScrubLast weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to be invited back to the Eau Spa at the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach to check out one of their newest summer beauty offerings.  The Mermaid Treatment is a special pampering session for one of the most used (and neglected) part of bodies – our feet!  I know this girl’s feet has been putting in a lot of work these past few months and if you’re like me, a good foot rub can instantly put  you in relaxation mode.

So after my pre-natal massage (which I’ll fill you in another post! Promise!), I waited for my therapist Nancy to come and get me from the lounge.  I normally like to hang out in the Self Centered Garden (remember those awesome water swings?) but heat and a preggo lady do not mix! LOL.  When she came in, she had the speciality spa drink in hand – Cranberry juice and champagne (of course no champagne for me!) and I followed her to the Scrub Bar.  Here, anyone can mix up their own custom body scrub to take home or use for any of the spa treatments.  This place always smells so yummy with ingredients like citrus, vanilla, and eucalyptus to choose from.  For the Mermaid Treatment, you can play mixologist and put together your custom scrub to be used on your feet.  I went with one of the pre-selected mix “Perfect” which is a blend of Vanilla, Sugar, and Ginger.  This combo not only smelled really good but it had great exfoliating properties and would help increase the circulation in my swollen, ankle-less feet.

With my custom scrub ready to go, I’m thinking we’re going into one of those awesome treatment rooms.

Oh no.  They take the term Mermaid very seriously.

We were going seaside!


Nancy and I head out to the hotel’s private beach where a chair, foot stood, a tub of ice where champagne would be waiting if I could have some all under an umbrella.  The day was perfect for this, the wonderful sea breeze downplaying the heat outside.  While I got comfy with my juice drink in my champagne glass, Nancy went out to the sea to gather water that was only a few feet away.   Then the treatment began, Nancy massaging in the scrub into my feet and calves.  Then they were rinsed off using the sea water, which she explained to me has restorative properties on all it’s own. Not only does it feel nice on your skin, it works wonders in helping reduce the any swelling you may have (and this girl has some major swelling action going on!).  Afterwards, she massaged in a sweet and refreshing body butter, giving my feet a light yet effective massage.  Because my swelling is due to fluid retention during pregnancy, she worked on getting that circulation going again.  And let me tell you, I saw the veins in my feet for the first time in months! (Trust me, for pregnant ladies, this is super exciting!) My feet felt amazing and the fact that I was pampered on the beach was extra icing on the cake. For extra brownie points – you get take home a tin of your scrub, the body butter, and a spray mist in the cutest little bag.   I love that!

Gift Bag

Those 45 minutes went by way too fast and as a result, my feet looked the most normal and felt the softest they have ever felt since my pre-preggo days.  I felt so relaxed and pampered, I didn’t want to go home – and the great thing is, you don’t have to!  You are more than welcome to keep sipping your champagne and lounge out at the beach for the rest of your stay and as always, access to the spa’s amenities.

I had such a fabulous time and this was a truly unique spa experience for me!


When was your last trip to the spa?  What kind of treatment did you get?


FTC Disclosure:  Spa treatment mentioned in this review was received as a complimentary treatment.  All opinions are my own.

Second photo courtesy of: Ritz Carlton


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  1. Oh my gosh this sounds amazing, and I SO wish I could afford to go to a spa right now.

    • MJ

       /  July 19, 2012

      Saving up for a spa day is totally worth it! You don’t realize it until you actually have one!

  2. I’m so jealous! That sounds amazing. I know that spa is gorgeous, but I was not expecting a field trip to the beach for your treatment. That must have been heavenly.

    • MJ

       /  July 7, 2012

      Going down to the beach was awesome! That was definitely a treat!

  3. Wow, that sounds amazing. I’ve had a massage ONCE because my boyfriend made me (I had no idea what I was missing out on until that point), but this sounds like it would be a great gift .

    • MJ

       /  July 7, 2012

      I felt the same way before my first massage. I didn’t see what the big deal was but after that, I’m definitely hooked!

  4. This experience sounds absolutely amazing. I’m feeling dreamy and relaxed just reading your descriptions! I’ve gotta say, I’m a tad jealous!! 🙂

    • MJ

       /  July 7, 2012

      Awww! Girl you work so hard and you definitely need to get a spa day (SpaWeek specials go down in September, hint hint! 😉 )


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