Beauty Blast: Getting Ombre Eyes with Avon


You guys already know I’m a big fan of Avon, having the opportunity to try out their best beauty products.  One thing I haven’t taken for a test drive in a long while is their eyeshadow, one of my favorite type of cosmetic. Today I had my chance, getting inspired by their True Color Eyeshadow Single in Midnight Sparkler.  When I looked on the back of the small compact I saw the word “ombre” at the end of the product description and knew instantly I wanted that effect on my eyes.  This color was the perfect place to start, a dark yet sparkly navy blue shade that has a soft finish.  I scooped up two lighter blue shadows to complete the look, starting off dark at the lash line and lightening it up by the time you reach the brow bone.  The Avon Super Shock Gel Eye Liner pencil in black was the perfect finish, giving a smooth, medium sized line along my upper lash line.  It’s really easy to use and I can already see myself wearing this alone, creating a great cat eye!  I also had a chance to use their lip crayon in Sweetly Pink.  While the color gave me a subtlepink tint I found it to be a little drying, so that one was a bit of a letdown.  Next time I’ll opt for a nude gloss.


  • Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer
  • Mally Beauty Cancellation Conditioning Concealer*
  • CoverGirl Press Powder in Tawny


  • With a pencil brush, I applied Midnight Sparkler* from the lash line to the middle of my eyelids.
  • With my small, flat brush I applied the dark blue shadow from my CoverGirl Eye Enhancer’s Trio in Blazing Blues.  I started from the middle of the lid and blended out over the crease.
  • From that same palette, I swept the lightest blue shade from the creases to just below my eyebrow arches.
  • Once all the shadows were on, I used my finger to carefully blend everything in.
  • I lined my upper lash lines with the Avon Gel Eye Liner Pencil* and coated my lashes with Avon’s Super Extend Infinite Mascara*.


Avon Ultra Color Lip Crayon in Sweetly Pink*

Makeup Tips


I’m rocking my usual wash and go, using Organix Moroccan Argan Crème Shampoo and Tresemme Naturals Curl Hydration conditioner.  I’m totally in love with both of these products and a review will be coming real soon.  To cut down on drying time, I blasted my hair with blow dryer, gently tugging at my curls to stretch them a little bit.  My hair is getting thicker and it’s taking more than a day to dry on it’s own.  When I go to bed with wet hair, my curls get all limp and lazy so my ConAir has been getting a lot more play these days!


*FTC Disclosure:  These products were received previously as free samples for review.



Beauty Blast: Pixi Beauty Products


While I love trying bright and bold looks, it’s always nice to get to the soft, subtle side of beauty life every now and again.  I mean let’s face it, I’ve traded a lot of my nights out with friends to days out with toddlers and families.  So a clean, but still fun day look is what I need.

That’s where Pixi Beauty comes in!  Created by makeup artist Petra Strand, their motto Makeup to Wake up is evident with ingredients like caffeine and chamomile infused into their beauty products. Keeping the busy woman in mind, they offer flaw-fixing and youth-enhancing cosmetics that can pull double (or triple!) duty.  My life has definitely been crazy lately, including this past weekend.  So this was the perfect opportunity to put the Perfection Palette, Crayon Combo, and Tinted Brilliance Balm to work!

Friday Morning’s Look

Makeup Tips

Most of my mornings are spent hanging out with my little girl and Friday morning was no exception!  We hit the library for a story time program, which means a lot of moving around (and singing!).  I went straight to the Perfection Palette to create a classic day look – highlighter shade on the lids, a slightly darker shade on the brow bone, and a dark shade in the creases.  I had 16 shades to choose from, with the lightest shades on top graduating down to darker ones.  The lightest shadows were too light for my complexion, so I had to go a little darker for a highlighter shade.  I went with a shimmery brown color for my brow bone and the dark, chocolate shade for the outer creases, which had the richest pigment out of the three.  Included in the same palette are three cheek powders and I applied the first one.  The color looked great in the package but had a hard time showing up on my skin.

To keep things soft and subtle, I used the Tinted Brilliance Balm in Nearly Naked.  It’s packed with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, and Rose Extract to keep lips moisturized. It goes on soft and smooth and my lips feel fantastic!  Not only that, the color gives them the right amount of color for a nude lip look.

Saturday Afternoon Look

Natural Looking Makeup

The next day it was a 1 year old birthday party (are we noticing a trend, here? LOL).  While I was looking forward to celebrating my daughter’s friend’s big day, I knew I had an afternoon of chasing her around in front of me.  Not only did I need to my makeup to look nice and appropriate for the occasion, it needed to last so I didn’t look as tired as I would feel at the end of it!  Time to see if my Crayon Combo would give me the soft smoky look it promises.  I used the medium bronze color to fill in my lids.  It goes on smooth and blends easily,  however it blended in too well and you couldn’t see it.   So I went over them with a lighter, shimmery shadow from the palette.  I had much better luck with the liner, a deep chocolate brown color that glided on smooth, giving a soft, smudge look sans the smudging.

I gave the blush another go, choosing the second one and that worked much better too! I could see the hint of soft purple on my cheeks, which is exactly how I like my blush.

Also in the palette are two face powders, a highlighter and bronzer.  I dusted the bronzer all over my T-zone, the color playing very well with my foundation.  This type of powder always seems to be a hit or miss for me so I was thoroughly impressed!  I’m also happy to report that my makeup survived the party without a hitch!

Sunday Afternoon Look


And the events don’t stop!  Yesterday was my cousin and his wife’s baby shower.  I hadn’t seen that side of the family in a long time so I wanted to up the makeup ante a little bit.  For my highlighting shade I wanted a punch of color, so I went with the shimmery burgundy color in the palette.  I then dusted a matte brown shade in the creases to make sure my lids stood out.  I loved the liner in the Crayon Combo so much I had to use it again and the same went for the bronzer.  Out of the three looks, this one was my favorite. 🙂

Have you tried any products from Pixi Beauty?


Oh, and don’t forget to enter the #PlusSizeGiveay!  There’s $500 in gift cards up for grabs so you don’t want to miss that! 


Photos courtesy of Pixi Beauty

FTC Disclosure:  Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples.  All opinions are my own.

Beauty Look of the Day: The Liner Is Doing All The Talking

makeup tips

Natural Hair Daily

For today’s look I went to my Pinterest boardagain for some much needed inspiration.  I’ve been playing it safe and I needed to do something super different.  And let me tell you, this was way different for me!   I chose this pin  because it’s one of my all time faves!  Besides the fact that I’m loving her attitude in this pose, what caught my attention right away was the aqua blue liner.  Putting it on the lower lash line makes the whole look pop!  It’s not something you see every day.  She also doesn’t keep the rest of the look low key either, with thick black liner, rosy cheeks, and super sweet purple lip color.



  • Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation
  • Mally Beauty Cancellation Conditioning Concealer*
  • Stila Covertible Color Cheek Cream in Poppy


  • To make the inner corners pop, I applied the gold shimmery shadow from Maybelline’s Eye Studio Give Me Gold Palette with a pencil brush.
  • Now for the bold liner!  With a thin, angled paint brush, I lined my lower lash line with Make Up Forever Aqua Cream in Pastel Blue*.
  • I went over the blue with Avon Glimmersticks in Aqua Flash*.
  • For the upper lash lines I used Rimmel London’s Gel Liner*.  it’s my go-to product for a dramatic eye look.
  • To lighten up my eyes, I swept the light brown shadow from the Give Me Gold palette on my brow bone.
  • I finished up with Avon Super Extend Mascara* on both my upper and lower lashes.


Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss in Crimson*


type 4 curls


I’m rocking my normal wash and go but I’ve incorporated a new technique to my washing routineoil rinsing.  What you do is apply your favorite oil right after shampooing.  You can rinse it out and then condition, or apply your conditioner right after, which is what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. My oil of choice is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I noticed a dramatic reduction in single strand knots and the amount of hair I lose on wash day.  Detangling is so much easier and the dryness I was experiencing is a thing of the past.

Another thing I’ve been doing not so much for something different but out of necessity is using my blow dryer.  With a toddler my days are super busy and the only time I get to wash my hair is at night.  So after applying my leave in from Cantu Shea Butter, I spritz on Frizz Ease Heat Defense Spray, and blast my hair with the blow dryer on each section of hair for no longer than a minute.  I lightly pull on my hair while I’m blow drying it so it can stretch the curls out. Then I continue on with my Shea Moisture’s Curling Smoothie, seal with olive oil, and apply a little bit of Shea Moisture’s Curling Souflee to hold my curls in place while they air dry the rest of the way.  It cuts my drying time in half and I have bigger hair on wash day.

 Have you done anything adventurous with your makeup lately?


*FTC Disclosure:  This product was received previously as a free sample for review.


Beauty Blast: QVC Customer Choice Award Nominees from Mally Beauty

If you’re a beauty blogger or enthusiast then you know who Mally Roncal is.  She is a world renown makeup artist who has glammed up the likes of Mary J Blige, Heidi Klum, and Ms. Beyonce Knowles.  You also may know that she is the founder Mally Beauty, a cosmetics line that has successfully kept women looking beautiful for seven years. Until now I never had the pleasure of trying them out but when I found out that it has been nominated for 10 categories in QVC’s Customer Choice awards, you girl knew she had to get on the ball!  For today’s Beauty Blast, I got to take some of the nominees for a test drive.

The Cancellation Concealer (in Rich) and Ultimate Performance Dream Brow (in Sable)

Makeup for Black Women

The concealer promises not to cake while providing full coverage for dark circles, blemishes, and wrinkles.  It goes on smooth and definitely brightens up my eyes.  You have to be sure to blend it very well to avoid the reverse raccoon effect (not cute!)  I followed up with foundation and I was very pleased!

The Ultimate Performance Dream Brow with double sided brush was created to give women fuller looking brows.  While my eyebrows are pretty full, they do get a bit unruly, especially when it comes to close to waxing time (ugh!).  I used the spooled end of the brush to get my brows nice and neat before applying the light cream with the angled brush.  Using short upward strokes I applied the product throughout my brows.  I didn’t notice a huge difference in fullness but it did keep my brows in place.

Evercolor Long Wearing ShadowStick

You ladies know eye shadows are my thing and if it comes in a stick, extra bonus!  These go on super smooth and the pigment is rich, just the way I like it.  You just need to make sure you use your finger to blend so you don’t have any streak action going on!

Makeup Products


The softest color of the three.  I could work these into my natural day looks.

 blue makeup


My favorite shade out of the bunch.  The color is right on trend for Fall.

 Makeup Tips


Bring on the silver!  I see this working into my date night makeup routine in the near future.


If you’re a big fan of Mally Beauty, make sure you submit your votes on QVC asap! Voting closes Friday!


Best Primer: Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Poreless Primer

Best Foundation: Mally Beauty Poreless Perfection Foundation

Best Concealer: Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer System

Best Finishing Product: Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender

Best Blush: Mally Beauty 24/7 Blush System

Best Lip Product: Mally Beauty High Shine Liquid Lipstick Pen

Best Eye Shadow: Mally Beauty Ever Color Shadow Sticks

Best Eyeliner: Mally Beauty Waterproof Eyeliner

Best Mascara: Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara

Best Brow: Mally Beauty Ultimate Performance Dream Brow


Do you use Mally Beauty products?  Which ones are your favs?


FTC Disclosure:  Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples.  All opinions are my own.


Beauty Look of the Day: Purple Supernova

Fall Beauty Trends

While I may not always be on board with every fashion trend that comes along, I’m really feeling this Fall’s beauty trends.  I guess it’s because almost everyone can pull them off and purple eyeshadow is no exception!  It’s one of my favorite colors to play with so it’s only right I kick off this month’s BLOTD with a purple eye look.  One of the first products I grabbed was an old favorite of mine – Meteor-Eyes Baked Glitter Eyeshadow in Supernova from Hard Candy.  The color is so rich for a drugstore brand, with fun specks of purple glitter.  I also love the fact that you can use a wet brush to get an even deeper pigment and really see those light purple specks.  Pairing it with my summer time fave Painted Purple from Maybelline and another fall color silver, I’m finally settling into this Fall season business!

Makeup Products


  • Mary Kay Medium Coverage Liquid Foundation
  • Revlon PhotoReady Concealer
  • Avon Cream Blush in Pink Melon*


  • With a small, stiff angled paint brush, I applied Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hr Eyeshadow in Painted Purple from the outer crease to the middle of the lid.
  • From the inner crease to the middle of the lid, I used Silver from the TooFaced Smoky Eye Palette with a pencil brush.  With my finger I blended it over the purple shade
  • Hard Candy’s Baked Glitter Eyeshadow in Supernova* went in the creases blending it out a tad into the brow bone with a small flat brush.
  • On the brow bone I swept Amethyst from Smashbox’s Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Telephoto* with a blending brush.
  • I lined the upper lash line with Avon’s Glittersticks* in Black
  • Finished up with NYC Big Bold Mascara in Black.  Been awhile since I used this one!


I wanted something light and pink so I went with Avon’s Totally Kissable Lipstick in Lovey Dovey*.  I admit, I’m not totally sold on the color but it was the only thing I had in my crazy stash that was the closest to what I was looking for.  (looks like I need to go shopping!)

Natural Hair


Remember last time I told you ladies I was having some moisture issues with the back of my hair?  Well so far, the only thing that’s alleviating this problem is doing twist outs.  Now you know I’m not a big fan of it on my hair simply because I don’t get the fullness I love with a Wash N Go.  My hair is so fine.  But the dryness and coarseness was driving me nuts so last week I did a bantu knot it, thinking that curling the twists would give me some volume.  It came out okay but I did the knots too small and applied too much holding product.  Today I just did a twist out, using a lot less product and making bigger twists (about 11 in all).

  • After washing and conditioning my hair with my favorite Organix products, I wrapped my hair in a T-shirt and let it soak up all that water for a good hour.
  • Once I took my hair down it was 80% dry, really soft, and stretched.  I applied Cantu’s Leave In Conditioning Cream and followed up with Olive Oil to seal in the moisture.
  • For each twist I used Cantu’s Twist and Lock Gel (which is more of a cream than a gel but has great hold!), combing the product through before twisting.
  • After sleeping with a satin cap overnight it was time to take them down.  I applied Oil Moisture Restore Weightless Oil on each twist before unraveling them.
  • Once they were all down I did a lot of fluffing and carefully separating the twists.  Still not happy with it, I pinned back the sides with clips, letting the front do it’s thing!

If I can get more volume as the days go on, then I wouldn’t mind doing this style more often!


What Fall beauty trend do you look forward to wearing?


*FTC Disclosure:  This product was received previously as a free sample for review.

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